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  Online Data Entry

  Online Data Entry / Data Capture from Web / Internet Research & Reporting

As a best Data entry services provider in India we are also provide best support service as well as guidelines of Online Data Entry Services and associated activities. We have vast experience and expertise team which is provided quality solution with maximum assurance of data accuracy which is cover complete spectrum of your Online Data Entry requirements. Our experts provide various types of Online Data Entry Services such as Online Data entry of E book, Online Data Entry and compilation from website, Online Form Processing, Online business card Data Entry and Online Business catalogs.

We can create your database of desired information, either by filling up an online form at your website or by creating an offline database from the specified URLs (Websites).
 Internet search & Online data entry
  • We can enter data online from paper / image to web, or web to web:

  • Online data retrieval and data entry to scour online resources and enter relevant data from those sites into a database

  • Identifying client specified products and adding them to their website database through the content management tools
 Database / Catalog management
  • Preparing an online catalog for clients by online data-retrieval/extraction, searching on the Internet, identifying source URLs, gathering information, removing out the irrelevant portions, adding images for their products.

  • Entering data from printed brochures or from the Web into an online database
 Customized list making, emailing & Internet research
  • Preparing a list of emails of prospective clients for the promotion and distribution of their products/services on the basis of a given criteria.

  • Emailing them the introductory email

  • Searching of important data from the Company’s’ web-site and gathering various type of information like Contact Details, Type of Services/Products, Industry etc.

  • Research and Analysis based on particular criteria.
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   Online Data Entry
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   HTML / XML Conversion
   Pre - Press / Publishing
   Image Scanning / OCR
   PDF Conversion
   Web Designing
   Domain Registration
    Web Hosting
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